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Gamethread: Chivas USA Vs. Sporting Kansas City, 4/1/12

It's the first of April, but let's hope Chivas USA didn't fool us last week with a fluke win. They are hosting Sporting Kansas City (6 pm, KDOC/Direct Kick/MLS Live) at the Home Depot Center tonight to see if they can get a good run of results going. For Sporting, they'll be looking to continue cruising so far this season, and will probably have studied the gametape of Chivas' win over Real Salt Lake very closely. Can the Goats make it two in a row (or at least get a draw)?

Be sure to check out the coverage from earlier this week concerning the game. First, an article about the possible formation Chivas will play this evening (spoiler alert, it will be defensive).

In addition, get a sense of SKC's mindset heading into the game and take a look at this week's Three Questions Exchange with Alex Englen of The Daily Wiz.

And last but not least, check out the match preview from yesterday.

I'll be in the stands for this one, so I won't be able to provide regular updates. Apologies. I'll try to comment a time or two if I get a chance, and feel free to comment on lineups, plays, and your impressions before, during, and after the game!

Arriba las Chivas!