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Chivas USA Trade Lopes to Galaxy for Cardozo

CARSON, CA - OCTOBER 16: Cardozo joins Moreno as a member of Chivas USA  (Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)
CARSON, CA - OCTOBER 16: Cardozo joins Moreno as a member of Chivas USA (Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Chivas USA made an interesting move today, as they traded Brazilian defender David Junior Lopes to the LA Galaxy in exchange for Uruguayan midfielder Paolo Cardozo. Although trades can't be accurately assessed on the day they are announced, it potentially looks like Chivas got a good deal, as Lopes was currently sitting on their depth chart as the fourth-choice center back. While it makes a certain amount of sense to the Galaxy to acquire a new center back considering their defensive woes so far this season, it's somewhat remarkable that they obtained a defender that probably wouldn't experience much playing time for the Goats unless there were major injuries.

If you are interested, here's what I wrote about Lopes' time with Chivas in 2011. Basically, he showed signs of promise but seemed to have issues with his decision-making at times. He is big, so his size is an asset in MLS, but he really hasn't played very much in MLS so far, and so the jury is very much still out on if Lopes can truly hack it in this league.

Frankly speaking, the same could be said for Cardozo. Selected 16th in the 2011 MLS SuperDraft by the Galaxy, Cardozo has been heavily hyped, and has certainly played more in MLS than Lopes, but he wasn't a regular starter for them. In part, that is due to the players ahead of him in the depth chart, but the question does remain if Cardozo is worth the hype Galaxy fans were giving him last year. There is an interesting dilemma here: although Cardozo will theoretically have a much easier opportunity to break into the lineup with Chivas than he had with the Galaxy, Chivas do have loads of depth in the midfield. Much like another new Goat, Miller Bolanos, Cardozo is versatile, and can apparently play at midfielder, wing, withdrawn striker, and striker. So that potentially bodes well for him, although one can wonder what this says for the existing attacking midfielders on the roster.

So above all, much like Lopes, the jury is still out on Cardozo. He is a product of the River Plate youth system, which means he has a good pedigree, and while he was hyped by Galaxy fans, sometimes he showed more style than substance. Although Chivas are all about results, perhaps Cardozo can add a flair and creativity that Chivas certainly could use.

Finally, as far as compensation goes, this is essentially a like-for-like swap, at least as far as 2011 figures are concerned. Lopes made $45,000 in both base salary and guaranteed compensation, while Cardozo made $42,000 in base salary and $53,250 in guaranteed compensation. Considering both are untested players, history will ultimately decide which team got the better end of the deal, but so far, it seems Chivas should be pretty happy with the trade.

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