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Chivatown Post: Reaching Full Match Fitness Edition

CARSON, CA - OCTOBER 16: The Lopes-Cardozo swap is the talk of the town (in a manner of speaking) (Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)
CARSON, CA - OCTOBER 16: The Lopes-Cardozo swap is the talk of the town (in a manner of speaking) (Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Another week, and another heaping of Chivas USA news for your pleasure. Let's get down to it:

Alejandro Moreno's goal against the Portland Timbers this past weekend was nominated for Goal of the Week over at the league website. The competition is fierce this week, so be sure to vote for Moreno by Thursday night.

And also on the league website, Ryan Smith was named to the MLS Team of the Week for his performance against Portland. An honor justly deserved, I think many would agree.

Yet another post on the league website, but from a guy we see a lot of around these parts, because of his good work. Adam Serrano has a profile today on goalkeeper coach Daniel Gonzalez, who is credited with giving Dan Kennedy the confidence and skills to make the leap to elite MLS goalkeeper. Interesting stuff, not least because it sounds like Chivas USA Youth Academy goalkeeper Jake McGuire is potentially being groomed as Chivas' keeper of the future by Gonzalez.

You are probably interested in Paolo Cardozo, who was acquired by the Goats yesterday for David Junior Lopes. Serrano has an article on the trade from yesterday and gets some quotes from Chivas General Manager Jose Domene on the newest member of the team.

And over at ESPN, Scott French has an article from today featuring an interview with Cardozo following the move. It seems the youngster is a bit stunned by the turn of events, but fortunately for him he won't have to find new housing and get to know a new area. Seriously though, besides the surprise expressed by the trade, I don't think there are any red flags on Cardozo's part at this point. Oh, one other consideration: French reports that Cardozo is on loan from Argentine side Quilmes this season to MLS (he was on loan last year as well), so that potentially gives Chivas some flexibility at the end of the season, but let's see what happens first during the rest of the 2012 campaign.

French also has a recap of Tuesday's Chivas reserve team match against the Fullerton Rangers, who play in the National Premier Soccer League (4th division). Chivas won 3-2 with a hat trick from Miller Bolanos, who seems to be clicking on the reserve level at this point - now let's see him get a good run in the first team. Actually, French spoke to Assistant Coach Greg Vanney about the adjustment to the MLS game by Bolanos, and I get it. But I would really like to see the skill we've heard so much about in action when the matches count.

Oh, and French's recap ends on a poor note, as the Rangers' fans, who several witnesses regarded as "vicious," among other adjectives, got way too carried away in their conduct, as one woman called John Valencia a racial epithet after a tough tackle. Now, I know all fans of that team are not racist, but that is absolutely disgraceful behavior and cannot be tolerated, obviously.

On a better note, in the same post, French reports that former UCLA player Eder Arreola will be on trial/training with Chivas, according to the player's twitter account. Oh, and that reminds me: there's a new fanpost on Arreola here on the main page of this site from a UCLA fan, so be sure to take a look at his assessment.

On the club website, Olivia Cervantes has a profile on new homegrown signing Marky Delgado. It seems that much like many families of professional athletes, Marky's family has supported him throughout his training and made some sacrifices collectively to help him get to this point. If you somehow weren't rooting for him before, you should be now!

You are probably familiar with the work of Luis Bueno. He's the MLS beat writer for the Galaxy and does some freelancing and other work for local newspapers on different facets of the beautiful game. He has an column out in today's Press Enterprise about Chivas, and their surprising (to many) performances on the season so far, but the article wasn't linked online, unfortunately. If you have access to a print copy of the newspaper, take a look, but Bueno did point me in the direction of his blog, Sideline Views, which had additional thoughts on Chivas that he didn't get a chance to discuss in his column.

Chivas' opponent this weekend, Toronto FC, has had a very tough start to their league campaign. Perhaps their key player, Torsten Frings, may be available against Chivas after sitting out since the season opener, according to the Sporting News. We'll keep you posted as far as updates on the status of Frings.

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