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Chivatown Post: Kennedy is a Star Edition

April 14, 2012; Toronto, ON, CANADA; Kennedy's the man, man.  Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-US PRESSWIRE
April 14, 2012; Toronto, ON, CANADA; Kennedy's the man, man. Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-US PRESSWIRE

Hi folks! While news often moves slowly surrounding Chivas USA, this week there has been a veritable explosion of content and chatter around the interwebs. Let's take a look at what's come up the last week!

The big story this week was Dan Kennedy. Sure, those of us who sees the team week in and week out know that DK has been the man since he entered the lineup full time last season. But while a few neutrals have noticed Kennedy's exploits for awhile, this week seems to have become a tipping point for the man in black teal or lime green or whatever, especially after he was named MLS Player of the Week.

Kennedy is also up for Week 6 Save of the Week. Hurry, voting closes tonight, so make sure and support DK!

A week after a profile on the Goats' goalkeeper coach, Adam Serrano has a conversation on the league website with Kennedy in his weekly column about his good week and the positive attention that's come his way since then.

But over at Pro Soccer Talk, Steve Davis is not that impressed. He ranks Kennedy 7th best among MLS goalkeepers at the moment. I guess Kennedy still has to do more to prove himself.

Another big story this week is of course the signing of Jose Correa. The young striker still needs to get his visa situation sorted out and move from Colombia and so forth, so don't expect him to even get close to the lineup for a week or two. But there is some buzz surrounding the signing, and considering it looked like Chivas have done pretty well so far with their new signings, expectations are high. Adam Serrano has a story on the signing, originally posted to the league website, and Scott French at ESPN also has a story on it as well. According to French, Correa's former club, Colombian side Boyaca Chico, will keep 20 percent of Correa's rights, as a way to keep Chivas' options flexible if he doesn't work out.

On Pro Soccer Talk, Richard Farley has an article about Correa's signing. He takes a slightly different tack: linking Correa's move to the veritable great migration of Colombians to MLS the past few years.

French also has an article on ESPN from Tuesday on Juan Pablo Angel. The veteran forward is likely to be an option Saturday against the Philadelphia Union after missing the last five matches with a concussion suffered in the preseason. I think his return is fantastic news on several fronts - obviously there is the expectation he can help the team score. But the fact that he played the season opener after suffering the concussion, and shortly after signing a new deal to play in 2012 was pretty strange and frankly risky. But if he's back and can really get going on the season from here on out, those early concerns should fall away.

Serrano has his own story on JPA on the league website, from today, and it seemed the striker was a bit antsy waiting to recover, but the signs are promising heading into the weekend.

On the club's website, Olivia Cervantes has an article from Wednesday about new Goat Paolo Cardozo. The Uruguayan moved with his family to Argentina at seven (seven!) years old to train with River Plate. Kind of makes the Chivas' U9 team look like slackers. Seriously though, Cardozo has overcome poverty and adversity as a very young player to make it to this point. It has to be another reason to root for the midfielder to succeed.

Cervantes also has an article on the team's website about James Riley, who is getting used to life in Southern California. That's a good sign, since he's a key player for Chivas' defense.

This U.S. News and World Report story by Ronald Blum briefly discusses Don Garber's comments on the future on Chivas in Southern California (hint: Garber says the team is staying in the area).

On that front, this post from earlier in the week from the blog Saint City Soccer provides a case as to why Santa Ana should be the new and permanent home for Chivas.

Lastly, I wanted to bring a few podcasts to your attention that discussed Chivas this week. First, check out Talking Goats, which I co-host! It's all about Chivas USA! Ok, that shameless plug is out of the way.

Around the League is a weekly podcast featuring correspondents from all of the teams in MLS. Well-known Chivas supporter ELAC is Chivas' correspondent for the show, and he is on this week's episode. Good stuff as always from him.

On that front, ELAC is also on this month's episode of The YSA Report, a podcast dedicated to the Philadelphia Union. He discusses Chivas ahead of this week's match with the Union. The man is busy!

And the SI Soccer Podcast also discusses Chivas briefly at the end of this week's episode. They consider the bizarro home/road form of Chivas so far this season.

What do you think? Leave a comment below!