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Gamethread: New York Red Bulls Vs. Chivas USA, 5/23/12

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It's time for another Chivas USA game! The Goats are set to take on the New York Red Bulls on the road in their first midweek match of the season (4 pm PDT, Univision deportes/MLS Live - note: No local TV stations or popular, widely available cable stations will air it). Sure, it is a bit early if you are a person who works during the day or attends school, and it will be difficult for many of you to watch. But rest assured: The Goat Parade has you covered! We'll be doing play-by-play of major events as well as basic commentary, so be sure to check in often and weigh in on the conversation while you're at it!

If you haven't, make sure and check out the various preview materials for this game: first, the Three Questions Exchange with Dan Ferris from Tuesday, also the profile on Kenny Cooper's recent form from Matthew Hoffman from earlier today, and finally, don't forget the match preview, also from earlier today.

I'm not going to be able to provide the lineups prior to the match today, unfortunately, because I'll be racing home to try and catch it from the beginning. I may miss the first few minutes, but rest assured that I will catch most, if not all of the match, and again, follow the events as they happen in the comments section below.

Arriba las Chivas!