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SB Nation MLS Power Rankings: Chivas USA Dropping Fast

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An uncertain future for a club, winless in their last six matches - safe to say Chivas USA are having a rough go of it right about now. Well, the hive mind at SB Nation has seen the Goats' recent body of work on the field, and they are not impressed, as Chivas USA have fallen to 17th in the latest MLS Power Rankings. Only the Portland Timbers and Toronto FC stand between Chivas and the basement, and who can blame them? This is one of those weeks in which their placement seems completely justifiable.

What makes the team's recent slide all the more frustrating for those of us who follow Chivas on a daily basis is the fact that this team seemed poised to change perceptions of the club a little over a month ago. The push for the playoffs was always going to be tough, but the fact that they've laid down when put to the test again this season is maddening, and of course will not change any opinions from outside Chivatown. At this point, what can I say?

Otherwise, the rankings stayed largely intact, with the San Jose Earthquakes leading for the umpteenth week in a row. And looking at the schedule this week, Chivas play...oh yeah. San Jose. Sweet.

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