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Chivatown Post: "No Silver Lining" Edition

SEATTLE, WA - SEPTEMBER 08:  I am also wondering what Fraser is yelling.  (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
SEATTLE, WA - SEPTEMBER 08: I am also wondering what Fraser is yelling. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Hey gang! Been a little while since our last news roundup on Chivas USA, so let's dive in and see what's up.

Look, a really weird press release from the team on the club's official website! That clears everything up, doesn't it?

Oh, and over at the Los Angeles Times, Kevin Baxter writes, "this [is] the best time to declare the Chivas USA idea a failure and look for a way to start over." I've written this a lot already but let's go over it again: Chivas need to make changes, but this "failure" and "start over" talk is a cliche and really tiresome. But that's just my opinion.

Even the players understand one of the major problems plaguing the club. Dan Kennedy told Luis Bueno, on the league website, that Chivas need stability if they want to become successful. DK, the residents of Chivatown are vigorously nodding their heads in agreement.

Danny Califf hurt his hamstring last week and his status in the injury report on Tuesday was "questionable," which is promising. In talking to Luis Bueno on the league website this week, he apparently took himself off as the injury grew in order to not snap it or really do major damage. As a result, he might be available against San Jose. We'll see.

Following the last loss, Robin Fraser told Bueno "There's really no silver lining at the moment," also on the league website. On one hand, he's realistic, so that's nice to see he's grounded in reality. On the other hand...uh, the coach sounds utterly defeated. What can a team do with that?

Over at Yahoo!, Alex Labidou has an article about Juan Agudelo. It seems he's still mad about his situation with the New York Red Bulls, but says he's happy with Chivas.

Casey Townsend was Chivas' top performer last week, at least according to the bizarre Castrol Rankings, as he came in at 9th overall. This, despite not being involved in Chivas' scoring or being on a winning team. In contrast, the Goats' scorer, Nick LaBrocca, ranked 16th. I really don't understand what the value of this formula is.

On the club's website, Olivia Cervantes talked with Miller Bolanos, who admitted he needed an adjustment period to MLS. He's now second on the team in goals scored in league play.

Chivas' game against D.C. United is right around the corner, and the Goats will not have to worry about shenanigans from Dwayne De Rosario this year, as he'll be out for the rest of the season with a knee injury. If D.C. makes the playoffs, he could be back, but yeah, Chivas won't have to worry about him then.

The list of top-selling jerseys in the league was released on Tuesday on the league website, and no Chivas players were on the list. The most obscure name? Probably Roger Torres of the Philadelphia Union, a fan favorite who due to Peter Nowak's meltdown and injury has only played 107 minutes in the league this season. As for those of you buying Rauwshan McKenzie's jersey, I've seen you around the HDC, but we need more of you to buy them!

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