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Real is Evaluating Chivas USA

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

Several news outlets are reporting today in that Jose Luis Real, the technical director of Chivas de Guadalajara, is taking an active role in Chivas USA's operations, although his duties are somewhat unclear at the moment. The reports stem from an interview Real gave to the official Chivas de Guadalajara website today (in Spanish).

The article is long and mostly discusses Real's role with the Mexican club since Johan Cruyff has taken an advisory role earlier this year, but there is a key passage where Real discusses Chivas USA and what he's doing with the American club. Most importantly, Real says he's been tasked by owner Jorge Vergara to evaluate the entire Chivas USA organization for the next two months and report to Vergara.

Adding fuel to the speculation that Vergara may not want to keep Chivas USA in the long run, Real grants that Vergara and his wife Angelica Fuentes will make any final decisions on the direction or what the future may bring. Although an interview through the flagship club's official website is probably not going to be truly candid, I think the fact that Real doesn't say much about the future direction of Chivas USA means it is truly up in the air.

On the flipside, Real seems to be taking the evaluation of Chivas USA seriously, saying he's traveling to Los Angeles every week, and claiming he's motivated to work outside of Mexico, while acknowledging that there's a cultural difference between the clubs and between MLS and Liga MX. Despite the struggles of Chivas de Guadalajara in recent seasons, Real is well-regarded, and presided over a relative era of stability for Chivas de Guadalajara, as he served as head coach from 2009-11, taking Chivas to the Copa Libertadores final in 2010-11 and helping lead Chivas to the SuperLider spot in the 2011 Apertura before being fired midseason. Despite losing his job as head coach, he's continued in the front office of the club.

So, what will the evaluation of the Chivas USA by El Guëro Real mean to the club? We'll have to stay tuned, and obviously if we hear anything, we'll let you know!

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