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Current Losing Streak is Nearing Historically Bad Proportions for Chivas USA

Chivas USA have lost five straight, and have nearly matched the club record.

Victor Decolongon - Getty Images

This article is not meant to pile more on Chivas USA's troubles of the past two months, but to provide perspective. In looking through the club's record since 2005, the current five game losing match is second-worst in the team's history. Only a six-game losing run in 2010 was longer. See for yourself below.

Season Longest Losing Streak Season Points Total
2005 4 games 18
2006 2 games 43
2007 2 games 53
2008 3 games 43
2009 5 games 45
2010 6 games 28
2011 4 games 36
2012 5 games (current) 28 (ongoing)

Does that make this season the worst in team history? No. The inaugural season might not have had a losing streak of five games, but it was a rough start all around and the points total clearly marks it as the worst season overall. Still, it isn't hard to consider that Chivas could match their historical mark, especially considering their upcoming opponent, Real Salt Lake. Still, Chivas have beaten RSL once this season already, and given Robin Fraser and Greg Vanney's experience with them, Chivas could overcome the awful form and get a late-season surprise.

To put Chivas' losing streak in perspective with the rest of the league this season, this nice layout on gives you a visual picture of the league's performances this season. The New England Revolution, Portland Timbers, and Vancouver Whitecaps all have lost five straight at some point in 2012. The Colorado Rapids have lost six in a row, but the crown goes to Toronto FC, who lost nine in a row to start the season. So Chivas are in the midst of a brutal run, but they have had company this year, and they would have some room to go if they want to notch the record for this year. It is still possible, but I don't think anybody associated with Chivas wants to see that kind of history made.

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