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Carlo Cudicini Signs with Galaxy - Dan Kennedy Staying with Chivas USA?

The Cudicini-to-Galaxy signing should be music to Chivas USA fans' ears.

Welcome Carlo
Welcome Carlo
Richard Heathcote

Typically, we don't report on LA Galaxy player personnel matters here on The Goat Parade, but we have to make an exception for obvious reasons. Yesterday, the LA Galaxy announced that they were signing Italian goalkeeper Carlo Cudicini from Tottenham Hotspur on a free transfer. The 39-year old has a distinguished career in Serie A and the English Premier League, but he has served as a second- or third-string keeper in England for much of the past several years.

So, back to Chivas USA. Why should fans of the Goats care about this news? It reduces the chances of the Galaxy obtaining Chivas goalkeeper Dan Kennedy to essentially zero. Although it has been reported that Cudicini will not be a designated player, he is still going to be paid a pretty penny, and as a result, he won't be considered a back-up, or else Bruce Arena would not have brought him in. Although the Chivas USA fanbase panicked when they first heard the rumors that Kennedy would be traded to the Galaxy, I think this move for Cudicini should put fans' minds at ease.

Although I don't want to stir the pot, it should be noted that according to his twitter feed, Kennedy has been in Europe the past couple weeks, visiting Italy, Belgium (where he apparently went to Sacha Kljestan's match with Anderlecht and hung out with the former Goat), and England. Although this is the season when MLS players going to Europe usually arouses transfer speculation among American soccer writers and fans, I haven't seen a whit of speculation on this front regarding Kennedy, although you never know. I will say that a transfer to England would be very unlikely, due to work permit regulations (unless DK has or could get a European Union passport due to family connections). All of this is to say that he went to Europe, but the non-speculation looks to be sound.

All in all, reading the tea leaves at the moment, it looks like Kennedy is going to remain a Chivas USA player for 2013. Happy New Year, y'all!

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