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Carlos Llamosa Reportedly Fired by Chivas USA

Apparently, he ran the club the last couple months, and then he was shown the door.

Llamosa (left) with Vanney and Fraser. All three are now out.
Llamosa (left) with Vanney and Fraser. All three are now out.
Stephen Dunn

Another day, another abrupt departure at Chivas USA. This time, Assistant Coach Carlos Llamosa, who was part of Robin Fraser's staff the last two years but not fired alongside Fraser and Greg Vanney, has reportedly been fired, according to Ives Galarcep. The move comes in similar fashion to that of former General Manager Jose Domene, who was initially retained after the end of the season, only for the axe to fall weeks later.

I think one of the expectations was that Llamosa was retained to provide some continuity at the club. On second thought, it appears that Llamosa was running operations at the club since Fraser's firing, and with new Chivas USA coach Jose Luis Sanchez Sola arriving to California to start working just this week, the presumption is that Llamosa was just a place-holder, and perhaps was never in Chelis or Jorge Vergara's plans for 2013.

Just last week, I noted the instability at Chivas de Guadalajara, as they fired their head coach days before the start of the season. With the delayed firing of Domene, the reported firing of the Academy coaching staff this week, and now the firing of Llamosa, the implication is clear: Chivas USA is being run like Chivas de Guadalajara, and so far, that's not such a good thing.

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