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Reports: Jorge Vergara Looking to Sell Chivas, Chivas USA

They may or may not be true, but this could be a huge story.

Are the Chivases on the auction block?
Are the Chivases on the auction block?
Donald Miralle

In news that should be classified as wait-and-see for the moment, reports are swirling out of the Spanish language press that Jorge Vergara and Angelica Fuentes are possibly looking to sell their entire sporting empire, including Chivas de Guadalajara, the Estadio Omnilife outside Guadalajara, and Chivas USA. The report evidently originated from John Sutcliffe at ESPN, a well-respected journalist, but one who has been consistently wrong about rumors surrounding Chivas USA in the recent past.

According to the story, recounted here on Yahoo! (Spanish), the Vergaras are looking for a buyer in the $500 million range, obviously a lot of money, but considering the potential package on sale, that's quite a bit, and includes first division teams in two countries. Considering the fan appeal of Chivas de Guadalajara in Mexico (and the U.S.), if the team is run in a better manner, it won't be hard to recoup the investment in a respectable period.

To add to the intrigue, fellow ESPN radio show Jorge Ramos y su banda tweeted this out a short time ago:

So, this story could be wishful thinking of folks who want Vergara and Fuentes to be out, or it could have legs and Vergara doesn't want to cause a panic.

For Chivas USA, the stakes of a potential sale are unknown. Certainly, it would lead to speculation that the team could be moved, as well as offloaded by a new Chivas de Guadalajara owner. Given the recent stories coming out of Chivas USA, from dumping an assistant coach like a sack of potatoes, uprooting the entire Academy staff overnight, claiming to have a coach within 10 days, then waiting more than a month to appoint a coach, or claiming that draft picks ought to be Mexican-American so they might play for Chivas de Guadalajara in the future, the signs for this team look shaky at best at the moment. I suppose we'll cross the bridges when (or indeed, if) we get to them, but if this report is true, there could be many moving parts over a long period.

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(Hat tip to Juan Arango for bringing the story to my attention).