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2013 MLS SuperDraft: Chelís Says He Wants Carlos Alvarez

So far, it looks like the Chivas boss is shooting from the hip at the MLS Combine.

Chelís: Says that Alvarez is his man.
Chelís: Says that Alvarez is his man.
Jeff Golden

He could be giving us all the okey-doke, but in a video interview with the Spanish wing of today, Chivas USA coach Jose Luis Sanchez Sola, better known as Chelis, said he wanted the club to select UConn midfielder Carlos Alvarez with the second overall pick on Thursday.

Lucky for those of you who don't speak Spanish, Chelís' comments were translated on the video:

For what it's worth, Alvarez has already expressed his interest in playing for Chivas USA. He's not the only one - UNC midfielder Mikey Lopez has also publicly said he wants to play for the Goats.

At the moment, Chivas USA only has one SuperDraft pick, so unless they make some sort of trade, either Lopez or Alvarez will be disappointed. Of course, let's also allow for the possibility that Chelís is trying out some gamesmanship to get another player, but it seems unlikely that Toronto FC will be interested in Lopez or Alvarez with the top pick. We'll know for sure Thursday, but for now, it looks like it very well could be Alvarez.

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