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MLS Mock Draft 2013: Carlos Alvarez Selected by The Goat Parade

With the MLS SuperDraft just days away, we've participated in SB Nation's annual mock draft, and explain our selection.

Alvarez (left) is The Goat Parade's mock draft pick.
Alvarez (left) is The Goat Parade's mock draft pick.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

As you've been reading on our site for months, Carlos Alvarez is an attacking midfielder who bolstered UCONN's attack for the past couple of years. One of the bigger names in the draft this year, any team would be glad to have someone with his technical and goal scoring abilities. Because of his playing style, and ability to create chances, we've selected him as our pick for Chivas USA in the SB Nation Mock Draft.

Obviously, being from East LA and of Mexican heritage will probably add to Alvarez's appeal for Jorge Vergara and Chelis' staff. His father also played for Guadalajara. We did take these factors into consideration, and we do think they will heavily influence Chivas USA's decision-making process in the draft. Alvarez has also gone on record to say that he wants to play for Chivas USA. However, there's another Mexican American in the draft who has also said he wants to play for Chivas USA - Mikey Lopez (how often does it happen that we get two people that WANT to play for us? Unprecedented, honestly). So why did we pick Alvarez over Lopez for our draft?

Two reasons. First, there is uncertainty over how Lopez will factor into whichever team picks him. He insists he's a defensive midfielder, yet his size and technical abilities favor him as a more attacking player on the professional level. Secondly, Alvarez has a tad bit more consistency than Lopez. Both of these are minor details that may not even matter when the two players are professionals. As it stands, though, these factors were what led us to select Alvarez.

(Editor's Note: Honest to God, we selected Alvarez on Saturday. In the meantime, Chelís claimed he wants to draft Alvarez. We'll see if this was a prescient pick on Thursday).

What do you think? Would you pick Lopez instead? Or someone entirely different (I'll be honest, I'd love to see John Stertzer on this team, linking back up with his Maryland pal Casey Townsend)? Let us know in the comments!