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Report: Chivas USA Looking to Trade Dan Kennedy

It hasn't happened yet...but the rumors keep cropping up.

Trading Kennedy would be a terrible, terrible idea.
Trading Kennedy would be a terrible, terrible idea.
Ronald Martinez

According to Ives Galarcep today, Chivas USA is looking to trade their All-Star goalkeeper Dan Kennedy. Galarcep's thinking goes that since Chivas USA are bringing in what he calls "a Mexican goalkeeper," presumably Antonio Rodriguez, who has been linked with the club, the team does not need Kennedy, and as long as they can find somebody to trade with a get a decent deal, they will pull the trigger.

*Head explodes*

I don't presume to have any sort of pull when it comes to these matters, but if any of the Chivas USA brain trust, or their employees, are reading this, please know: no fan wants to lose Kennedy. Trading away the player who is by far the best on the roster will be akin to ripping out the collective heart of the fanbase. Not only is he an upstanding guy who has been with the team longer than nearly anybody, he's blossomed into one of the very best goalkeepers in the league, and he is in his prime. I don't even know if there are three players in the league who would be good value to trade with Kennedy, and if he's traded for "Allocation money and two draft picks" or something of the like, it would be a complete joke.

Let's also compare the resumes of Kennedy and Rodriguez. Kennedy has played in 80 MLS league games over the years, in addition to U.S. Open Cup games, and other competitions for Chivas USA. He has also played for the Puerto Rico Islanders and Chilean club Municipal Iquique in his career. He's been an MLS All-Star, and just came off a season where he was voted team MVP for the second year running and finished second in MLS Goalkeeper of the Year voting. And he is currently 30 years old, meaning he probably has seven to 10 more years ahead of him, if injuries do not get in the way.

Rodriguez has seen success on the international front, but it has been a junior level. He was the starting goalkeeper for Mexico in the 2011 U20 World Cup, where Mexico finished third. He was also on the squad for Mexico's gold medal-winning team at the 2012 London Olympics, but Rodriguez took a seat to overage keeper Jesus Corona, who started every match in the tournament. On the club front, the 20 year old has not seen action in a competitive match for Chivas de Guadalajara, which isn't necessarily surprising considering the quality of starting goalkeeper Luis Michel, and his only action has been on a loan stint with second division side Veracruz.

Look, there is a chance Rodriguez could prove to be a better goalkeeper than Kennedy, but he'll be long gone from Chivas by that time, and there is virtually no chance he is better than DK in 2013. Look at the young goalkeepers getting starts around the league in 2012 - Zac MacMath had tons of struggles in his first season as a starter, Ryan Meara played surprisingly well (although he was older than Rodriguez) before succumbing to a season-ending injury, Ryan Johnson and Bill Hamid continue to combine the sublime and the silly on a regular basis.

If, and we have to see if this transpires, but if Kennedy is traded, and if Rodriguez becomes the starting goalkeeper, get used to a lot of (a lot more?) blowout losses in 2013.

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