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Ante Jazic Wants to Stay with Chivas USA

Another rumor, but this one sounds a lot better for Goats' fans.

Jazic: Apparently wants to stay here.
Jazic: Apparently wants to stay here.
Jonathan Ferrey

Although the rumor that Chivas USA is trying to trade Dan Kennedy is getting the bulk of the attention, and for good reason, another interesting rumor concerning the Goats emerged today. This one comes from Steven Goff of the Washington Post:

With all of the turmoil surrounding the club in recent months, with all the uncertainty, and with the initial indications that Chivas USA are really making an effort to bring Mexican and Mexican-American players to the team, it wouldn't be much of a surprise to see a veteran like Jazic, especially as he is Canadian, want to move closer to his home.

However, Jazic recently got married, and he appears to be very much settled in California, playing here (first for the Galaxy, now for Chivas) since 2006. And one can't discount the similarly shambolic situation at TFC, perhaps giving Jazic pause and considering that if he has to put up with instability, it's better to do that near the beach.

Still, if this report is true, that makes three whole people this week who say they want to play for Chivas USA in 2013! Why are the haters trying to tell us nobody likes this club?

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