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Report: Chivas USA Trade Nick LaBrocca for Eric Avila

It looks like the Goats are wheeling and dealing.

Avila: On his way to Chivas USA?
Avila: On his way to Chivas USA?

Another day, another potential major story surrounding Chivas USA. It is a developing story, and the team has not confirmed anything yet, but here is what Ives Galarcep tweeted out a very short time ago:

LaBrocca, of course, began his career with the Rapids, and played with them from 2007-10 before playing a season with Toronto FC, and then coming to Chivas in 2011. Avila's followed a similar path in MLS, starting with FC Dallas 2008-11, then getting traded to TFC in 2011 (for another former Chivas player, no less, Maicon Santos). Out of contract after the 2012 season, the Rapids selected Avila in the second stage of the Re-Entry draft.

That's where an important feature to Galarcep's tweet comes in. He said that Avila's rights were traded for LaBrocca's rights. We know that Avila was out of contract, but that had not been made public about LaBrocca. If neither player is under contract at the moment, it means the chances of Chivas USA getting a substantial package for LaBrocca diminishes. They may get additional add-ons in the trade, but it might not be as significant as it would be if he were currently under contract.

Avila is 25, LaBrocca 28, and Avila grew up in San Diego, so he is a local product. Avila entered MLS as a Generation Adidas player, and his 2012 salary was pretty high, at $125,000 base salary ($158,000 guaranteed compensation). Since he is out of contract and was taken in phase two of the Re-Entry draft, where teams can negotiate down on contracts, if Chivas acquired his rights and negotiated with him, he may not be paid that much. In contrast, LaBrocca made $95,288 in base salary in 2012 ($97,788 guaranteed compensation).

We'll keep you posted on this story as developments arise.

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