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What the Flock?! Podcast: An Exclusive Interview with Chelís

The coach discusses Dan Kennedy, the contract situation at the club, and more!

Chelis: Gave some very interesting comments about his new team.
Chelis: Gave some very interesting comments about his new team.
Jeff Golden

Since arriving to the United States to begin his job as head coach of Chivas USA, Chelís has been busy, attending the MLS draft combine in Florida and today's MLS SuperDraft in Indianapolis, where he picked Carlos Alvarez with the Goats' pick. In between all of that, he also had time to speak with "What the Flock?!" The show is available now on buzzsprout at, so please check it out right away!

For those whose Spanish isn't the best, here's the transcript of the interview in English:

What The Flock: Welcome to What The Flock. You've just picked up Carlos Alvarez, tell us about your decision.

Chelis: It was the second best option in the combine. He is a player that can play in an attacking position and has a desire to belong to Chivas USA. He wants to play with us and will help with our issues in our midfield as a player.

WTF: We know about the new project to bring in players that touch the ball well, and Mexican-American players, but what about the non Mexican-American players such as our goalkeeper Dan Kennedy? Does Dan Kennedy fit into your plans for 2013?

Chelis: Yes, he's in my plans. Everyone needs to remember that Chivas USA was bought with very expensive players, with players taking up 30% of the budget, and players that have not responded well in the past. I won't name players. These players in one way or another need to make space for other players. These players have guaranteed contracts. If Kennedy isn't the best goalkeeper in the league, he's the second best, third best. Of course he interests me and he will be involved in my plans.

WTF: how important is building the defense for you right now? Any players in mind?

Chelis: Of course there are a lot of players on the table. The problem is the lack of cap space to bring in players. We have several players that have not responded well and they've got guaranteed contracts. As soon as these players clear spots, we'll be able to bring in players, center strikers, defense, any position you want. The problem is lack of space. The owner bought a team with guaranteed contracts.

WTF: When you you start preseason camp?

Chelis: Tonight we will get the players together. We start today and tomorrow with medical exam. Saturday and Sunday we will have a session. Tuesday we will start a 10 day double session.

WTF: Very well. All of us here in Los Angeles are waiting to see a new and different team. We wish you all the luck. We'll see you Feb 15th in Las Vegas Against Colorado Rapids.

Chelis: my only objective, my biggest objective is that you, the fans, like what we're doing on the field and identify with it. If I'm able to accomplish this, the results don't matter. What matters is that the fans like what we're doing.

Again, be sure to check out the podcast on buzzsprout, and make sure you are following us on twitter at @whattheflockpod. You can leave a comment on the interview in the comment section below, or tweet us with your reaction. What do you think of Chelis' comments?