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MLS Supplemental Draft 2013: Chivas USA Select Jose Diaz, Paul Islas and Joe Franco

Chivas had five picks, but only took three players this morning.

Chivas USA drafted some more players today.
Chivas USA drafted some more players today.
Stephen Dunn

The 2013 Supplemental Draft took place today via conference call, and Chivas USA had five selections: the second pick in the first through fourth rounds, and the 19th pick in the first round. The supplemental draft is basically the later rounds of the SuperDraft, only held several days later, and without the fanfare of the SuperDraft.

Overall, Chivas went after defense, selecting two defenders. They also took three players who went to college in Southern California, and based on their names alone, appear to be Latino, thereby fitting in with the team's semi-professed strategy to focus on Latino players.

With the second pick overall, Chivas USA selected Jose Diaz, a center back from UC Riverside. From Corona, Diaz played for the Highlanders for four years, and reportedly had a decent combine. He is tall, at 6'3", but perhaps a little on the light side, at 175 lbs.

At the end of the first round, Chivas USA selected forward Paul Islas from Fresno Pacific University. I had to look up this school, because I had never heard of it before, but it does exist, and plays in Division II of the NCAA. A Fresno native, Islas captained his side and was named an All-American last month, the first in his school's history. He was a prolific scorer in college, and led his team to the NSCAA title game this past season.

In the second round, the club took right back Joe Franco from Cal State University Northridge. Franco, a native of Monrovia, captained his team and pulled in a slew of accolades in his senior season, including Big West defender of the year this past season.

Chivas passed in the third and fourth rounds of the draft. I don't understand why teams don't just take players as flyers here, since they aren't obligated to sign them, but it is their decision, and they were apparently satisfied with the trio they selected.

Last year, Chivas USA selected five players in the Supplemental Draft, and ended up signing none of them. Certainly, the hope is that maybe one or two players pans out, but it is entirely possible that the club could pass on them again this year. We will have to wait and see on that front.

We will have more coverage of the Supplemental Draft later on. For now, what do you think?