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Chivatown Post: A Video Roundup of Chelís, and Supplemental Draftees

Videos, trialists, old coaches, and more!

Preki: Waiting for the next chance to yell at a ref.
Preki: Waiting for the next chance to yell at a ref.
Mike Stobe

It has been some time since we've run one of our Chivatown Post columns, but today seemed like an especially good day for that. In particular, the videos that have come out today or become relevant due to events like the Supplemental Draft ought to be disseminated to the masses. Enjoy!

First, we have to start with the big whopper. Chivas USA coach Jose Luis Sanchez Sola sat down with Diego Pinzon at the combine, and the Spanish wing of ran what they are calling the first part of the interview today. Again, they've done a good thing and subtitled the entire interview in English:

My first impressions: Chelís is saying something for everyone who wants to read into his comments. Want to see an all Mexican/Mexican-American superteam? Sure, coming right up! Concerned that the non-Latino players will be unfairly marginalized? Of course we will work with them! They are under contract, for goodness sake! Do you think some players get paid too much and don't deserve to be on the team? *whispers* Yes, we feel the same way.

And on the Juan Agudelo transfer speculation, I have long thought that he is likely to start the season with Chivas USA, but Chelís seems like he's not really expecting Agudelo to be around.

If this is the first entry, who knows how many parts there will be. On the good side, people are talking about Chivas USA because of their coach. On the down side, all sides are getting ammo based on his comments at this stage.

Another video, this one perhaps a little more boilerplate, comes from Fresno Pacific University, home of Chivas USA Supplemental Draftee Paul Islas. Here's a recent interview with Islas (begins at about the 3:00 mark):

A couple of new tidbits on Islas from the interview: he recently hurt his shoulder, although he seems to be getting back into fitness (something he'll likely need if he wants to earn a contract), and he played in the USL-PDL in 2012 with the Fresno Fuego. Islas was indeed listed as a player on the Fuego's website, but I couldn't find any statistics for him on the interwebs. (Hat tip to Jonathan Yardley on twitter, who helped me find that Islas scored 7 goals and 4 assists in 15 appearances last season for the Fuego).

And here's something of a profile on fellow Supplemental Draftee Joe Franco, produced by Top Drawer Soccer this past fall:

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In other news, over at ProSoccerTalk yesterday, Steve Davis had some questions for Chivas USA in the preseason as part of a series he's doing on all the teams in the league.

In another series, on, Charles Boehm spoke with former Chivas coach Preki, who is waiting for a coaching job in Chicago.

On the preseason camp front, a couple of names have emerged. The definite trialist in camp for the Goats is former Portland Timbers right back Steve Purdy, who is a California native and is an El Salvador international.

Another reported trialist, not confirmed as far as I've seen (Spanish), is forward/midfielder Daniel Osorno, a 33 year old who has bounced around Mexican football but mostly played with Atlas. He played for Chelís at Puebla, so he is a known quantity to the coach, and he had a very brief stint with the Colorado Rapids back in 2007.

We'll keep you posted as we find out more news!