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Chivas USA Confirms Eric Avila-Nick LaBrocca Trade

We heard about it last week, but now it's official.

Avila: To make his case for Chivas USA.
Avila: To make his case for Chivas USA.
Tom Szczerbowski

Plenty of news today, but there's one item that has finally been confirmed from last week. Chivas USA has just sent out a press release confirming that they have traded midfielder Nick LaBrocca for midfielder Eric Avila. Although the club did not make the distinction, it is still safe to say that they have traded the player rights of Avila for the player rights of LaBrocca. That means that Chivas still needs to come to terms with Avila on a new contract, but he is already in preseason training camp and the team has quickly rolled out the welcome mat, including naming him in a finally updated roster on their official website.

Avila, 25, has been in the league since 2008. A product of UC Santa Barbara, he started with FC Dallas, then got traded to Toronto FC during the 2011 season. Out of contract this past offseason, Avila went through the Re-Entry Draft process and was selected by Colorado Rapids, who have now flipped him for a former player in LaBrocca.

Avila was a Generation Adidas player, but it is safe to say that his career has not quite lived up to the potential. A native of San Diego, perhaps being back in Southern California will help rejuvenate his career (assuming he is ultimately signed to the team).

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