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Chivatown Post: Preseason is Fully Underway Edition

Get your Chivas USA news fix!

Chelís to Joseph: Thanks, but no thanks.
Chelís to Joseph: Thanks, but no thanks.
Trevor Brown

Another day, another burst of Chivas USA news! I must say, there are sure to be slow days ahead, but right now, it seems the Goats are in the news much more regularly than they have been in years. Let's get today's edition (what's been released anyway) started!

First, another day, another video interview with Chivas USA coach Jose Luis Sanchez Sola. Again, they may drag this out to a 45 part series, but another few minutes were released of Chelís' interview with Diego Pinzon for today (subtitled in English):

Chiva Mayor - he's doing it all for you, man!

Like yesterday's entry, he does what appears to me to be some circular talking, although this one is a little more straightforward. I don't think it's a bold prediction, but here goes: Chelís is engaging, he's entertaining, but he's going to get in trouble for a comment at some point this season.

In other Chelís-related news, today he dropped the nugget to beat writer Luis Bueno that midfielder Shalrie Joseph isn't in his plans this season. As somebody who has been very public in her criticism of Joseph's 2012 with Chivas, where the team never won a game and lost nearly all of them while he was in the lineup, I agree that Joseph appears to be an expensive liability, a combination that can be toxic to a rebuilding club. Many people (read: mostly neutrals and Chivas USA haters) attributed Chelís' dismissal of a league legend like Joseph to further racism, which I think is unfair, considering Joseph gets paid more than anybody else on the team, and should have been removed from the field a few games into his tenure as a Goat last year. The criticism that is also going around that Chelís is making a mistake in being too open about his intentions may have more merit, since the little that Joseph could be worth on the trade market is dropping with comments like the coach's, but let's be honest: if Chivas can trade Joseph away, they'll be doing it primarily as a salary dump. There will likely be no players coming back, and if there are, they will be prospects at best. And, it's worth noting that it's probably not very classy to call out a distinguished professional like Joseph, considering he showed up to training camp like everybody else.

Juan Pablo Angel has definitely left Chivas USA, and MLS. He's going home to Atlético Nacional on a free transfer, as this video (Spanish) demonstrates:

Best of luck to JPA on his return home!

On his twitter account, Bueno dropped a few tidbits from training today: James Riley and Jose Correa are finally in camp, while former Goat Rodrigo Lopez is back, again, trialing with the club. If I remember correctly, he trained/trialed with the club last year as well, but considering his heritage, coupled with the fact that he has MLS experience and would likely draw something around the league minimum in salary, he may get a contract this time around. Lopez joins former Portland Timbers teammate Steve Purdy on trial, along with reported trialist Daniel Osorno. There are other trialists, but I haven't seen their identities publicly revealed yet.

One player who is still not back in training camp is Oswaldo Minda. There have been rumors for weeks that he's going back to Ecuador, and while he is still listed on the team's roster on their official website, I think the odds he returns are increasingly receding. We'll have to keep tabs on that story, however.

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