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Chivas USA Academy: TV Analyst Keith Costigan Named U18 Coach

A guy on TV will be leading the future Goats.

Costigan is entrusted with the children of the future.
Costigan is entrusted with the children of the future.
Ric Tapia

Here's a news item that kind of came out of nowhere. Fox Soccer TV analyst and announcer Keith Costigan has been named head coach of Chivas USA's U18 Academy squad, effective immediately. According to the CUSA Academy's twitter account, his first game in charge will be this weekend. Costigan himself confirmed the news on twitter.

To be honest, I don't know much about Costigan, other than his accent when he's calling a game or sitting at the desk alongside Rob Stone, Warren Barton, and Eric Wynalda. His wikipedia page indicates that he is a native of Ireland, and played at a series of clubs in Ireland, but no dates are given, and frankly the entry reads like a plagiarized official bio.

Nothing on his wikipedia page indicates any coaching experience at any level, but you may recall that Chivas USA recently dismissed all of their Academy staff, and reinstated former director Sacha van der Most two weeks ago.

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