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A Meditation on Time and Dan Kennedy

He's the captain at this time! Our fears are allayed, right?

Kennedy: At this time, you guys.
Kennedy: At this time, you guys.

By now, you have probably heard that Chivas USA coach Chelís publicly declared goalkeeper Dan Kennedy captain over the weekend. This declaration has momentarily quieted the criticism that Chivas is committed to dumping non-Latino players, and has been received as heartening news by the fans, who I think it is safe to say are unanimous in their desire to keep Kennedy on the team for a long time to come.

But I keep mulling something included in the comments made by the coach. Here's what he specifically said about DK:

"At this time, he’s my captain. I need him more than anyone else."

Again, it sounds good, certainly better than, "Get this guy out of here STAT." But I find myself getting caught up on the important qualifier "at this time."

"At this time" is both comforting and vague. At this time! As in, right now! Yippee! Sounds like the very best player on the team will be between the posts for the 2013 season, and frankly, the team needs him, or as Chelís said bluntly, they need him more than anyone else.

But "at this time" is also fleeting by nature. Does that constitute the weekend? A week? A month? A year? Kennedy could very well be the captain, until he's traded, like the team seems inexplicably set on doing. He might be the captain on February 2, but when the season starts March 2, they could have three more captains for all we'll know.

"Alicia, surely you are paranoid!" you say to me. I very well could be. But I prefer to say I'm "skeptical" rather than "paranoid." Let me reiterate that Dan Kennedy should not be traded for anybody, and perhaps Chelís has seen him in action and come around to his skills. Perhaps the management has backed off the bizarre need to get rid of one of the league's very best players, or maybe there's a difference of opinions between coach and front office. But given the way DK has been dangled out for all the league to see so far this offseason, I'm not ready to consider this issue over just yet. If he is traded, believe me, the panic button is coming out, and if he's not, I'm going to be thrilled.

But given the twists and turns Chivas USA fans have gone through for years now, you can't blame me for getting hung up on a qualifier like "at this time," can you?

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