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Rumor: Juan Pablo Angel Returning to Atlético Nacional?

Is JPA leaving MLS?

Is JPA going home?
Is JPA going home?

Yesterday, Diego Pinzon wrote on's Tiro Libre blog that out of contract Chivas USA forward Juan Pablo Angel could be set to return to his native Colombia (Spanish). Today, more speculation comes out of Colombia, where multiple news sources are reporting that Angel is set to move back to join his original pro club, Atlético Nacional (Spanish). In many respects, the move appears to make sense, considering that JPA is out of contract, so a new club would not need to pay a transfer fee, and this would be a last opportunity for him to play in his native country after a long and successful career around the world.

At the moment, the rumor is very much that, and there is no word that a contract is about to be signed. Once again, the signs point to it being a logical move, but we'll have to monitor the situation to see if there will be more news on this front.

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