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Chivas de Guadalajara Fires Coach van't Schip on Eve of Liga MX Season

The circus down south keeps chugging along.

Van't Schip: Fired just before season begins.
Van't Schip: Fired just before season begins.
Quinn Rooney

Yesterday, Chivas de Guadalajara announced that head coach John van't Schip was out, and Benjamin Galindo was taking over. Galindo was previously with Santos Laguna, and won the 2012 Clausura with them. He also began his coaching career with Chivas, in 2004. What makes the announcement rather stunning is that it comes just days before Chivas begins their 2013 Clausura Liga MX season.

On top of this, Medio Tiempo ran an interview today with Todd Beane (Spanish), International Director of Johan Cruyff's Institute, who apparently worked closely with Chivas while Cruyff was an advisor this year before being fired. To sum up Beane's comments regarding Chivas (and Chivas USA) owners Jorge Vergara and Angelica Fuentes, they were meddlesome, ignorant of football, and unwilling to take the time to see a project through.

So what does this mean for Chivas USA? Obviously this news doesn't directly impact the club, but it demonstrates the shaky nature of the Vergara empire. The fact that the American club is now being run as part of the Mexican structure means that upheavals, which occur frequently, will have reverberations in Los Angeles. At this point, we have to see how the Total Vergara era will unfold in California, but the track record in Guadalajara means the culture of stability we are craving to see with Chivas USA may not be in the cards.

Grant Wahl agrees. Today on, he released his annual MLS Ambition Rankings and put Chivas USA in last place. The reason? Vergara, but of course.

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