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What's Not to Like about El Chelis?

Does Chivas USA need a figure to market around? Who better than their new coach?

Can another of Matt's man crushes, Correa, bounce back with Chelis in charge?
Can another of Matt's man crushes, Correa, bounce back with Chelis in charge?
Victor Decolongon

I need to be careful with my declarations of affection on this blog. Following my first post on the The Goat Parade, "I Heart Jose Erik Correa," the Columbian netted an U.S. Open Cup brace but after that made only spot appearances late in the season.

So I tread lightly here but I really have to say, El Chelis, Chivas USA's coach, is a captivating breath of fresh air not just to Chivas USA but to MLS as whole. Charismatic, charming even, El Chelis is a marketer's dream. In fact if I were in Chivas USA marketing department, I would be promoting him 24/7. Now keep in mind I would as effective a marketer as Lindsay Lohan a truancy officer.

A campaign of marketing Chelis is also doomed to fail because, as readers of this site know all too well, Jorge Vergara, really likes to fire people. Or as Bruce McGuire, host of the DuNord podcast recently put it, Vergara and El Chelis are virtually guaranteed to have a fist fight in the tunnel. DuNord later retracted his proclamation on grounds correctly citing Vergara's poor attendance at Chivas USA matches.

Besides, when Vergara goes ahead and fires him, will the sacking really stick? El Chelis and his personality were so beloved that Peubla un-sacked him after players, local media and the fans demanded his reinstatement. The man is not so much a man as he is a force of nature.

A common trend in Chelis-coached matches was on display on Saturday: goals and early goals at that. Let me tell you, he wasn't the only vindicated when Jose Correa netted that 11th minute goal. In July 2012, it was fullback Roberto Saucedo for in the 8th minute who started the scoring for Correcaminos de la UAT in their first game under El Chelis. In 2010 it was another fullback on another team, Andrés Nicolás Olivera for Puebla FC, who scored in the fifth minute in Pubela's win over Chivas USA back in the days of the North American SuperLiga.

I admit to a level of cheekiness in this post. But in all seriousness, I do invite the haters and lovers alike to check out Chelis' media appearances on our sister podcast "What the Flock" and on the MLS website. I think you will enjoy what you hear as El Chelis makes his return to the HDC.

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