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Chivas USA Defeats Santa Clarita Storm 4-1 in Preseason Scrimmage

Different opponent, but same score, and lots of players used again.

Bolanos: Had a brace today.
Bolanos: Had a brace today.
John E. Sokolowski-US PRESSWIRE

Chivas USA held their second scrimmage of the 2013 preseason Wednesday, and defeated the Santa Clarita Storm of the NPSL 4-1. Miller Bolanos led the way with two goals for the Goats.

With coach Chelís working as referee again today, Chivas got the scoring started in the 18th minute, when Marky Delgado set up Bolanos inside the box. They doubled their lead in the 31st minute, when Giovani Casillas put the ball into a position for Jose Correa to tap it in the net. The Storm scored their goal in the 33rd minute, when Miguel Ibarra beat Patrick McLain, but Chivas made it 3-1 in the 35th minute when Bolanos worked with Correa on the attack before scoring his second of the day.

The Goats finished up the scoring in the 39th minute when Jose Manuel Rivera finished Delgado's work, as the youngster had a pair of assists on the day in the 4-1 win.

Here was the starting lineup for Chivas USA: Patrick McLain; Walter Vilchez, Mario de Luna, Joaquin Velasquez, Edgar Mejia, Jorge Villafana; Marky Delgado, Giovani Casillas, Jose Manuel Rivera, Miller Bolaños, Jose Correa.

Steve Purdy (trialist) and Bobby Burling entered the match in the 35th minute, along with Josue Soto (trialist). Carlos Borja (trialist), Marvin Iraheta, Laurent Courtois, James Riley, Carlos Alvarez, Paul Islas (Supplemental Draft pick), and Eric Avila entered to start the second half.

Daniel Antunez (trialist), Emilio Orozco (trialist), and Narciso Cuevas all entered in the 65th minute, while Tristan Bowen, who celebrated his birthday today, entered in the 76th minute.

The only name that was previously unknown to Chivas fans is that of Cuevas. The only soccer name I could find was that of former player Narciso Cuevas, who most recently coached indoor soccer in Chicago. He previously played for several teams in Mexico, including Puebla, but I have no idea what his age is. If I have the correct Narciso Cuevas, I wonder then if he is part of the coaching staff, as I believe Velasquez is, or if he is trialing for the team as a player.

Chivas plays its next scrimmage against a more formidable opponent, the Chicago Fire, on Tuesday at the HDC. That one should provide a better litmus test for the team in preseason, with only about a month before the regular season begins.

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