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Chivatown Post: Reality Check Edition

Chivas USA must end the season strongly in order not to set the second-worst record in the history of the franchise, the latest What the Flock?! podcast is up, and fans want to know what the best location for a Chivas stadium in the LA area would be.

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It's time to do a reality check on the state of Chivas USA by looking at the big picture. With two games left to go Chivas are in danger of setting the second-worst record in the history of the franchise, if they only manage to win 6 games this season. Going into Salt Lake City, the prospects don't look good but if Chivas manage to somehow gain two wins, they'll still only tie their 2010 and 2011 records. That's not a plus if you graph their historic performance, it's a flatline. If they only manage to win 1 more game then they'll tie last year's record, and the graph will show a dip and a flatline.

Jorge Vergara states that reinforcements are needed at Chivas USA. In what areas are reinforcements needed? Who needs to go to make room for new players?

Chivas USA hit a low point in the franchise's history by losing by a scandalous 5-0 score to the others. Was it because of wrong coaching decisions that the game went the way it did?

Stay tuned for the newest What the Flock?! podcast where we ask some tough questions to sum up the season while looking towards the future.

What is the best option for a Chivas stadium in the LA area? Scott French covers the pros and cons of some of the areas that Chivas have looked at.

Do you agree that Cerritos is the best option for a permanent home because of its location between two markets (East LA & Santa Ana) that Chivas have considered? Is Titan Stadium at Cal State Fullerton the best short-term solution?

Former Goat Sacha Kljestan did an extensive Q & A with fans through U.S. Soccer's Twitter account.

World Cup Qualifying resumes this weekend with the U.S. hosting Jamaica in Kansas City followed by Mexico hosting Panama at Azteca in a do-or-die situation for El Tri.

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