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Life is beginning to imitate art for New Zealand's national team

For a national team with a very important World Cup Qualifier coming up next month, New Zealand are not making it easy on themselves.

The All Whites trip could sink or raise their 2014 WC aspirations
The All Whites trip could sink or raise their 2014 WC aspirations
Martin Hunter

- "What happened with the gig at the Aquarium?"

Murray - "It was kind of a misunderstanding. Um, there was a typo in the ad. It was sand they wanted.
Sand, you know. It looks like a "B," but it was an "S."

"But I sent the demo. So the good news is that, uh they liked it. They might play it in the lobby."

- Okay, that's positive.

--Typical banter from the HBO series The Flight of the Conchords, the fictitious on-goings of New Zealand's very real "fourth best folk-comedy band."

Venues have gone about as well for the New Zealand national team who play Chivas USA today. Previously the match was to take place at the Los Angeles Coliseum. Now it has been relegated to a closed-session on one of the StubHub Center's Track and Field courses. By the time you read this, it may have been moved to the parking lot.

This though appears to be par for the course for a team who faces a crucial World Cup qualifying match against the national side who finishes fourth in CONCACAF qualifying -- likely Mexico after beating Panama in dramatic fashion last night.

With an extremely important match scheduled to take place next month, the Kiwis will be without some of their most important players.

The roster that is assembled is primarily players in the A-League. By the way, the A-League season begins today.

The New Zealand clubs will play without key players for the first two weeks of the season. And when they do return, they will be flying in some 24-36 hours before week three matches. With a giant case of jet lag.

The All Whites played Ventura County Fusion to a 1-1 draw on Thursday and following their match against Chivas, they are off to face Trinidad and Tobago. A fourth match planned against Liga MX club Queretaro was canceled leading to a complaint to FIFA which we covered earlier.

The truth is it's when things don't go as planned, it reveals a team's character, causing players to galvanize in support of one or disintegrate.

Thriving on chaos can be an art form. Should the qualify for Brazil, this whole experience will only go down as a positive. New Zealand is, after all, undefeated in World Cup play since 1982.*

*New Zealand drew in all three of their matches in the 2010 World Cup, the only time they've qualified.

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