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Chemistry and Rebooting: Not such strange bedfellows after all?

Can a team simultaneously reboot yet find that the magic "team over all of us" chemistry? The Boston Red Sox say, "Yes, you can."

Jim Rogash

Computer running slow? Lost your internet connection? Calling tech support? Inevitably a reboot is involved. Rebooting-a term derived from "booting," which itself was articulated from the idiom of "raising yourself by your bootstraps," has expanded now to include Hollywood franchises (ex. Star Trek, the many, many Hulk pictures) and, of course sports.

Today The How-To Geek did a neat little bit on why rebooting is such a useful technique. Effectively turning the computer calls a time-out, stops all the running processes and performs a checklist of its component hardware.

Rebooting a sports franchise though is a bit more complicated. Chivas was rebooted with El Chelis coming aboard. A second reboot was underway shedding the likes of Walter Vilchez and ushering in the era of Jose Luis Real who brought in Erick Torres and Carlos Bocanegra. All-in-all, there were 46 player transactions (23 coming in, 23 going out), according to the MLS Transactions page.

Is there any reason to believe Chivas USA won't be doing a third reboot coming into the 2014 season?

Not knowing the contract status of any Chivas USA players, it's hard to speculate other than it's a fair to believe that many on-loan players, four of whom (Torres, Julio Morales, Mario de Luna, and Edgar Meija) are regular starters, will return to Guadalajara.

It's impossible to know, outside of the StubHub center, the contract durations of other players traded for or signed via Discovery or on free, or even drafted. Suffice it to say, change is afoot.

Perhaps the front-office needs to take a look at the remarkable turnaround of the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox made a lot of changes and went from last in the AL East to first and on the cusp of a World Series appearance.

Jason Gay wrote about the remarkable turn of fortune for the Boston Red Sox in last week's Wall Street Journal (no subscription needed to view link). Was it one player who turned the team's fortunes around? No, of course not.

If anything, it's the cult of the beard. By which I mean the players found a convenient and necessary mechanism to cling to, something they could all buy into that which was greater than the sum of their parts.

Chivas USA could embrace this. There is no team, not even Toronto FC as they have trophies and played in CONCACAF Champions League, that is as downtrodden as the Goats in MLS.

You know the halftime speech the coach gives about how no one believes that they can win? That's Chivas USA, people.

Develop a core of players whose trust in one another and the team overrides their own need to be a shining star to the Guadalajara brass. When you put that on the field, the rest of it comes together like Hall and Oates.

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