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Can Chivas USA break free of their Real Salt Lake curse?

Real Salt Lake and Chivas USA entered MLS together. The similarities end there.

Borchers and Rimando are just two reasons Real Salt Lake is in a class by itself.
Borchers and Rimando are just two reasons Real Salt Lake is in a class by itself.

Ante Jazic sent in a cross, a rare Nick Rimando error put the ball to Casey Townsend who scored the game winner in Chivas USA's 1-0 win in March 2012. Since then Real Salt Lake have taken four straight against Chivas USA outscoring the Goats 12-1 in the process.

The reason for this dominance is that Real Salt Lake is the best run team in Major League Soccer. This is not faint praise. Since 2008, RSL has been a top 3 team in the Western conference with one exception: 2009 which, oh yeah, they won the MLS cup that year.

You don't need an Engima machine to crack the RSL formula. They built a core, along the way they acquire components that can grow into the system and, when it's time prune back expensive parts.

Veterans Will Johnson, Fabian Espindola, and Jamison Olave departed in the off-season and have all played key roles on other teams in the Supporter's Shield race.

On the field, the team possesses and dynamic and flowing attack where they try to create possession and find open space to exploit. They are aggressive on both sides on the ball, they've gotten eight red cards on year, I believe.

It's this sort of play where they spread like an amoeba, searching for space. Against a team like Chivas who can caught out of position, the RSL attack is deadly effective. Which explains why RSL averages three goals a contest against Chivas.

In Major League Soccer success is defined by the postseason. Whether RSL has a deep playoff run in them or not, I think the entire organization deserves recognition, even it's only an honorable mention for the Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence.

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