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Erick Torres open to return to Chivas USA in 2014

Could Cubo remain in Cali after all?

Chivas en su corazón...but which Chivas?
Chivas en su corazón...but which Chivas?
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY

Among the many questions facing Chivas USA this offseason, perhaps one of the highest priority questions will be if forward Erick Torres will remain in California in 2014. Officially on loan from Chivas de Guadalajara after his arrival this summer, Torres quickly became the Amerigoats' top scorer, and was directly responsible for hitting game winners in all of Chivas USA's late season victories.

Yesterday, there were articles featuring quotes from Torres and his future. In both the article by Blair Angulo on, and by Cristina Maillo Belda on the club's official website, Cubo said he is unsure about his future, but he'd be happy at either Chivas team. As you would expect for a player who comes across like a professional, his comments were pretty standard and professional.

So there's no real indication if he'll be coming back or not at this point, although I suppose Torres saying he's open to coming back is at least a sign it could happen. As I maintained since he came to California, it stands to reason that if Torres played well in MLS, he would most likely go right back to Guadalajara, since that club could use some offense. To give you a sense of how bad things are at the minute in the Vergara sporting empire, on top of Chivas USA finishing second-worst in the league record-wise this season, Chivas de Guadalajara currently sit in second-to-last place in Liga MX, only off the very bottom by virtue of a slightly better goal difference than Atlante.

So that makes two very bad teams, with Cubo caught in the middle. I'd love to see him come back to Chivas USA next season, since he could be a building block for some hopeful upward momentum for the club, and he would certainly be the marketing face of the team (since he became the de facto face of the team after his arrival this year). But given Jorge Vergara's I need to spell it out? The man lives in Guadalajara, after all.

Or, you know, he could get sold to another team outside of the Chivas domain, who knows.

At any rate, we'll keep you posted on any developments in this story.

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