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Erick Torres wins third straight Chivas USA Player of the Month Award

Cubo gets a "hat trick" of POTM awards with the September honor.

Cubo makes it three (months) in a row.
Cubo makes it three (months) in a row.
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Chivas USA have a clear leader in the team scoring race this season, with Erick Torres rocketing up the scoring charts since arriving this summer. He's also clearly a fan favorite by this point, as he has now been voted Chivas USA Player of the Month by the readers of The Goat Parade for the third consecutive month.

Although six players received votes for their performances in the month of September, Cubo still outpaced the competition, winning once again. He started in all six matches for the Goats last month, scoring three goals, bringing his total for his MLS career to date to seven. He scored both goals in Chivas' 2-2 draw against the Vancouver Whitecaps, and also notched the winner against D.C. United.

I suppose the question at this point is whether Torres can finish off the season with the October honor as well. Chivas have played one so far this month, and have two games to go in the season. Don't worry, we'll put up the poll when the time comes!

Previous winners:

August 2013 winner: Erick Torres

July 2013 winner: Erick Torres

June 2013 winner: Dan Kennedy

May 2013 winner: Josue Soto

April 2013 winner: Steve Purdy

March 2013 winner(s): Juan Agudelo, Eric Avila, Dan Kennedy

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