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Poll: Chivas USA's Defender of the Year

Who gets your vote for 2013?


It is time for the postseason awards here at The Goat Parade! Today, we begin by offering up the readers the choice of Chivas USA's Defender of the Year for the 2013 season. Many players saw time on the backline during the season, whether it was the three-man or four-man variety, and with there being early departures and late arrivals among the defenders, the minutes were spread around considerably in the end.

Mario de Luna led the group in minutes and appearances, second only to Dan Kennedy on the team overall. Carlos Borja saw extended time on the field as well, along the backline as well as in midfield, and Bobby Burling essentially played his way onto the field over the course of the season. Carlos Bocanegra came into the lineup as soon as he was available, and while he was slowed by some injuries, was ever-present at the end of the season when fit. Steve Purdy was a fan favorite, but while he did see action he was limited by his extensive involvement with El Salvador's national team at the Gold Cup, as well as the unfortunate face-breaking elbow he took near the end of the campaign.

Joaquin Velazquez and Walter Vilchez were players brought in by Chelis who found their stock dropped off a cliff when that coach was fired. Gabriel Farfan, Josue Soto, and Jorge Villafana all played minutes at left back, despite being primarily midfielders, and Jaime Frias got some minutes late in the season when injuries sidelined the other defenders.

So take your pick, and tell your friends and family to vote as well. Who was the best defensive Goat in 2013?

What do you think? Leave a comment below!

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