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Poll: Chivas USA's Attacker of the Year

Which Goat gets your vote?


Yesterday we began the reader vote for the 2013 Chivas USA player awards, and if you haven't gotten a vote in for Defender of the Year yet, please go do it. But today we turn our attention to the team's top attacker in 2013. Criteria for the award? Scoring or providing assists for the Goats this year. That's why you'll find a certain top goalkeeper in the poll, in case you may have forgotten about his goalscoring exploits this season.

For what it's worth, Erick Torres was the clear winner of the team's Golden Boot for 2013, despite only playing for the team from mid-July on. His seven goals more than doubled the next best scorer, Eric Avila, who had three. In fact, besides Cubo, the scoring was quite dispersed around the club.

On the assist side, Edgar Mejia and Jorge Villafana paced the team with four each, with Carlos Alvarez chipping in three of his own.

So have your say. Who was the standout attacker for the Goats in 2013? Do you go with short-term production or guys who persisted through the entire campaign? Are goals or assists more important in your thinking? Leave a comment below to explain your choice!

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