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Poll: Chivas USA's Newcomer of the Year

Was there a new player on the block who made a bigger impact than the rest?

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Day three of our awards week is here, and today we're asking you to tell us who you think was Chivas USA's best newcomer in 2013. If you've been paying attention, you'll know there are many, many candidates, as nearly the entire roster was new this year, but that's why we need your help, to tell us who was the player who made the best of his chance with the Goats.

Although we've opened the votes to both Top Defender and Top Attacker honors (by the way, do go vote on those awards if you haven't yet), the Newcomer award obviously spans positions. With the only position group remaining entirely intact from 2013 being the goalkeepers, you'll find plenty of candidates. So, will it be a defender? A midfielder focusing on either side of the ball? A winger or a striker? Somebody who played multiple positions? The choice is yours!

Be sure to spread the word about the vote, and feel free to make an argument about your pick in the comment section below!

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