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Paco Palencia says no decision has been made regarding Chivas USA coach


Yesterday, rumors emerged that Chivas executive and former player Juan Francisco "Paco" Palencia would take over for Jose Luis Real as the next coach of Chivas USA, as Real has already returned to Mexico despite the team not yet parting for the 2013 season. Blair Angulo reported on today that Real has indeed been missing from training recently, but Palencia said no decision has been made regarding the coaching situation.

Despite Palencia acknowledging the rumors, he was not directly quoted in the article regarding any interest or lack thereof in the Chivas USA head coaching position, and the official line at this point appears to be that the club simply has not made a decision yet.

Still, given that Real has already left the team, I'm guessing he isn't interested in returning, or else he would be working with players and evaluating them ahead of personnel decisions this offseason, wouldn't he?

At any rate, Palencia said a decision would be made in the next few weeks, according to the article. Perhaps it will, or perhaps we'll see the process drag on for weeks longer than promised, as it did last year before Chelís was announced as manager. Either way, we'll let you know.

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