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Chivas USA to participate in 2014 Desert Diamond Cup

Feel like making a trip to Arizona in February?

A previous edition of the tournament.
A previous edition of the tournament.
Christian Petersen

Chivas USA's 2013 season has just been put to bed, but it's never too soon to think about 2014! Ok, a break does sound nice, but it's also good to hear the club is planning ahead to next year, and making those plans known to fans, no less.

Arizona-based soccer media jack-of-all-trades Garrett Cleverly reported Friday on his website AZ Kicks It that FC Tucson announced the MLS teams participating in both the Desert Friendlies event and the Desert Diamond Cup, both preseason MLS events hosted by FC Tucson. Chivas USA will be among the slate of teams participating in the Desert Diamond Cup, likely in February.

The Goats' participation in the preseason tournament represents a departure from recent preseasons, where under both Robin Fraser and Chelis the club basically stayed in Southern California for the entire period and played random friendlies and scrimmages against a combination of local college teams, local lower league sides, and the occasional traveling MLS or foreign club (they did participate in a mini-tournament in Portland in 2012). Although it will remain to be seen if being part of the tournament against fellow MLS sides will help Chivas' preparation for a new season, it might, since the team has largely struggled at the start of MLS regular seasons.

Joining Chivas in the 2014 Desert Diamond Cup will be Real Salt Lake, Chicago Fire, New England Revolution, Colorado Rapids, and host FC Tucson.

The club did confirm on twitter they will be returning to Tucson in February following the team's loss to FC Tucson Friday, so although they haven't formally announced their participation in the tournament, I'd say it's a done deal.

We'll pass along details on dates and ticket information as it becomes available.

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