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Poll: Chivas USA 2013 Most Valuable Player

The vote is live! Make your pick now!

Will DK take the title again in 2013?
Will DK take the title again in 2013?
Thearon W. Henderson

We conclude our 2013 Chivas USA fan awards with the vote on the biggest award of them all, Most Valuable Player. Chivas used 35 players over the course of the year in competitive matches, and who among the crowd set himself apart? That's for you to decide, readers.

Unlike our other awards, which will be announced later this week, we are narrowing the field for MVP to a select list. Here are the nominees:

Carlos Alvarez: The rookie played major minutes for Chivas USA in 2013, showing skill and a competitive spirit that will hopefully mature and grow as his pro career progresses.

Eric Avila: Was second on the team in scoring and provided the primary attacking spark on the team over the course of a long and tumultuous season.

Dan Kennedy: The defending team MVP had another stellar season, serving as captain, finishing second in the league in saves, and even scoring a penalty in the U.S. Open Cup.

Erick Torres: Won the team's Golden Boot, despite playing just 15 matches. Was the only reliable scoring threat all season, and more importantly, scored goals that gave Chivas points more often than not.

Please consider the nominees carefully, and then vote for your MVP selection. Be sure, as always, to tell your friends and family as well about the poll, so they can vote as well. And feel free to explain your selection in the comment section below!

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