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Chivas USA's 2014 Desert Diamond Cup schedule revealed

The Goats have four preseason games coming up in the tournament in Tucson.

Your Goats will be featuring in the 2014 edition of this tournament.
Your Goats will be featuring in the 2014 edition of this tournament.
Christian Petersen

As we reported over the weekend, Chivas USA were announced as one of the participants in the next edition of the Desert Diamond Cup, an MLS preseason tournament hosted by FC Tucson. Today, FC Tucson released details regarding the schedule of the tournament, so you can start making your travel plans to Arizona if you are so inclined to check out the Goats in their 2014 preparations.

Chivas will open 2014 Desert Diamond Cup play February 19 against FC Tucson (maybe they can avenge Friday's loss?) at 1 pm MT/12 pm PT.

They will then face the New England Revolution February 22 at 6 pm MT/5 pm PT, and conclude pool play against the Chicago Fire February 26 at 1 pm MT/12 pm PT.

Based on how they perform, they'll be slotted into the final day of games, March 1 (all six teams will play that day, regardless of results - it is just a matter of who they will be matched up against and what time they will play).

Tickets are not yet on sale, but here's the page you'll want to go to when they are available.

So, is anybody up for a road trip late February?

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