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Mistakes were made: MLS Commissioner Don Garber talks about Chivas USA

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MLS has got problems, and Chivas is definitely one.

Mike Stobe

SI: Do you think that [Chivas USA] brand can ever work?

GARBER: I don't know the answer to that sitting here today. But I certainly feel a little different about it today than I did in 2005.

Sports Illustrated's Brian Straus and ESPN's Jeff Carlisle interviewed MLS Commissioner Don Garber last week in Kansas City ahead of MLS Cup, and both published their Q&A's with the commish. Straus' interview is here, and Carlisle's is here.

I don't want to simply run through every question and answer from both articles, so I'd urge you to read the interviews. But overall, Garber concedes in both that mistakes were made concerning Chivas USA. Despite that, he reiterated his commitment to a second team in Los Angeles. And Carlisle includes the key snippet we reported on last week, that Chivas USA will not be contracted or moved.

Still, Garber does note that "[Jorge Vergara and Angelica Fuentes are] not pleased with the performance with the team on or off the field, and neither is the league and we're working on trying to find a solution."

Good news! But the flipside is that Garber continues to promise a plan to move things in the right direction, and yet he's not disclosed anything yet.

Again, as I wrote last week, we can't blame Garber for not rolling out the "Save Chivas USA" plan ahead of the league's title game, especially with the Goats nowhere near that match.

But MLS Cup is over. The offseason is fully on now. It's time for that plan to see the light of day.

I look forward to seeing whatever changes are on the horizon, with the support of the league, very soon. This team, currently without a head coach (again), and with massive holes in the roster, cannot sit idly by as the weeks tick by. The latest rebuilding project must take place on and off the field, and it needs to really get moving. Otherwise, the cycle of futility will continue to roll along.

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