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Report: Curt Onalfo out of running as next Chivas USA head coach

What's next in the team's search for a coach?

Onalfo: Not Chivas' man.
Onalfo: Not Chivas' man.
Ned Dishman

ESPN's Jeff Carlisle, who's apparently got a hot source with Chivas USA lately, reported Wednesday about the Goats' ongoing coaching search on twitter:

Over at ProSoccerTalk, our friend Steve Davis discussed the development, saying it was for the best from Onalfo's perspective, as Chivas hasn't demonstrated its house is in any sort of order. Although Davis' words may seem harsh, from my perspective, he's right. This is why making such a mess in 2013 (not to mention 2012, 2011, 2010, etc.) reverberates far beyond a single season. The reputation of the team is that there is no plan, coaches don't get moral or financial support, and whatever has been built is only one whim away from being ripped apart.

Of course, one could wonder if Onalfo was really the right man for the job, and in speaking with folks who follow D.C. United (the last team Onalfo coached), they didn't have very fond memories of the man. It could be a chicken-and-egg conundrum, where it is hard to attract a quality coach without any recent track record of positive performances, but there can't be positive performances without a quality coach. It appears Chivas may be learning from the mistakes of this year and trying to get a coach with MLS experience, but it looks like Onalfo won't be that coach, and that may or may not be a good thing.

We'll keep our ear to the ground and let you know if we hear more about the coaching search. It's been 23 days since Chivas' coaching job was vacated this time around -- how long will the process go?

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