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Rumor: Luis Michel to Chivas USA?

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Is there yet more goalkeeper speculation coming regarding Kennedy's future?

Michel: The latest guy shipped up north?
Michel: The latest guy shipped up north?
Otto Greule Jr

Yesterday was Liga MX's draft, which is a strange day where players are "drafted" or "traded" or whatever to different teams within the league. Although to be fair, MLS has some weird practices dealing with player movement, too.

Anyway, the scuttlebutt out of Mexico is that Chivas de Guadalajara goalkeeper Luis Michel, a regular for several years, is out of the club, and rather than get picked up by a club yesterday, there were crickets.

Now, Michel cannot move to another Liga MX team until the 2014 Clausura season is over, so speculation is rampant about his future. In trying to connect the dots, many in Mexico are saying Michel could be on his way to Chivas USA.

I understand the connection, but I haven't seen a credible report yet that this is on the horizon. Instead, people are trying to figure out what could happen.

Of course, if Michel did end up with Chivas USA, there could be a weird battle between him and captain Dan Kennedy, or Kennedy could finally get shipped out to another team.

I'd like to say on behalf of most (nearly all? All?) Chivas USA fans that we do not want to see Kennedy leave. Under any circumstances. Even for a solid keeper like Michel.

Let's put it this way: Michel has a decent rep, but it's slipped a bit in recent seasons. Kennedy is Chivas USA's best player, and the only player on the roster that would give nearly every MLS team pause if he were offered to them. Chivas USA have had little to cheer for the last three years, with DK usually being the first and only person to really be happy about.

Chivas management, if you are considering this move, then maybe Michel needs to come to be a high-priced backup, but don't even think about shipping Kennedy out of town. I'm imploring you.

Still, at this stage, this rumor is "plausible" but there's no indications from folks "in the know" to indicate this is actually an imminent move. It's basically just people trying to figure out what Michel's options are. We'll let you know if we do hear about any developments, however.

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