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Juan Manuel Herrero named sporting president of Chivas, but no mention of role with Chivas USA

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A new guy, but will he have any input on Chivas USA?

Both Chivases working to keep their heads above water.
Both Chivases working to keep their heads above water.
Donald Miralle

Chivas de Guadalajara named a replacement for fired sporting president Dennis te Kloese Thursday, with Juan Manuel Herrero taking charge according to the club (Spanish). Herrero played in the Mexican Primera in the 1970s, reportedly for America, Atletico Potosino, and Veracruz. Since retiring from playing he's gone into private business, although he has been involved with the Mexican FA in the meantime.

Obviously two big questions emerge from this news. First, will Herrero have the same roles as te Kloese? And if he does, does he have the soccer knowledge to oversee a turnaround at the club?

The biggest question from our perspective is what, if any, role Herrero will have with Chivas USA. The MLS arm of the organization was not mentioned whatsoever in the announcement, and Chivas USA's official website has no announcement of the appointment. Of course, he appears to have no prior knowledge of MLS, so maybe he shouldn't be intimately involved in the team.

But if you are keeping track at home, that means Chivas USA have no head coach, no public general manager (with any kind of title, GM or no), and no point person for the management dealing with the team directly. Oh, and just 17 players on the roster.

Not that I think it will happen or anything, but this team kind of looks like it is wrapping up matters and calling it a day, isn't it? If they aren't, they probably should get to stocking the management very soon, so that they can adequately stock the roster ahead of the 2014 season.

If there are developments on this front, of course we'll let you know.

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