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MLS Commissioner Don Garber: Chivas USA will not be contracted or moved

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The commissioner mentioned the Goats this week, finally.

Garber: Hinting once again at a plan
Garber: Hinting once again at a plan

Although he did not mention Chivas USA at all in his State of the League address earlier this week, instead focusing on expansion, MLS Commissioner Don Garber did comment on the Goats today ahead of MLS Cup.

ESPN's Jeffrey Carlisle tweeted out the following:

The good news is that Garber is sticking to his guns on keeping Chivas in LA. I will continue to argue that the team can succeed in this market, even with another (much more) successful team already in the market.

The bad news is that Garber has been claiming there's a plan to help Chivas USA for a year solid at this point, and I haven't seen much in the way to indicate any movement on that front. When will we go from hearing about upcoming changes to seeing actual changes?

I understand that MLS Cup may not be the moment to unveil such a plan for a team not involved in the title game. But this club is in many ways dying slowly at this point, and without a plan in action soon, it could be too late to stop all the rot, not to mention overcome the toxic energy that surrounds nearly any mention of Chivas USA among MLS fans as a whole.

I imagine we'll see more concerning these remarks soon. We'll keep you posted on any details.

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