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Will Chivas USA be playing in Las Vegas once again in February?

Don't get your credit cards out just yet.

Going back to Vegas?
Going back to Vegas?

I came across a mystery this week. Chivas USA have announced they will be playing in the Desert Diamond Cup during the 2014 preseason, and begin play there February 19. Will they be on the road otherwise in their preparations for the 2014 campaign?

This website says yes, Chivas USA will face off against the Colorado Rapids again in the preseason in Las Vegas once again, scheduled for February 16, 2014. That's a Sunday. So it is plausible.

You may recall that these two teams met in the preseason this year, in a game Chivas won 3-0 in the Las Vegas ProSoccer Challenge at Sam Boyd Stadium. The Rapids were horrible in that game. But, you know, the preseason is just that, and Colorado certainly picked up their game during the season, while Chivas...well you know how that story went.

The question now is whether this game is actually real. I reached out to Chivas USA for comment on the existence of this match, and received the following response: "The club has not made any such announcement."

Right. Well, as it stands, they could make an announcement, at some point, or this website and everything could be a hoax or incomplete deal. Tickets are currently on sale, but I wouldn't rush out to buy them yet, without confirmation from the team that this is happening. And a search from the Rapids' side of things indicates they haven't announced such a game, either.

So we'll see where this goes. It is certainly possible, but no word from the team itself at this point, and so this story remains a rumor. If we hear more about it, we'll pass the word along.

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