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"What the Flock?!" Talks to Chelís After Gangwon Match

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The coach talks about "Chore" Mejia, Oswaldo Minda, and his defensive philosophy in this latest interview.

Mejia (bottom) is staying in California.
Mejia (bottom) is staying in California.
Kent Horner

Chivas USA played their fourth preseason match of 2013 Saturday, a 7-3 win over South Korean side Gangwon FC. As usual, "What the Flock?!" was at the game, and after the match, we had an opportunity to speak to Chivas coach Jose Luis Sanchez Sola once again. Thanks to Chelís for taking the time to answer our questions.

Here is the English transcript of the interview:

What The Flock: (In reference to the fact that Edgar Mejia was not present at the match) Are there any plans to stay with "Chore" Mejia? At this moment we don't seem to have a stable midfield.

Chelis: I told the front office staff last week that I wanted to stay with the 29 players you see. "Chore" Mejia is included in those 29 players.

(Editor's Note: Mejia was evidently out shooting television promos Saturday, and will be staying with Chivas USA).

WTF: In the first half we conceded three goals. Perhaps this is a new system for the players with a three man back line. Are there any adjustments we need to make to improve defensively?

Chelis: No. We defend with 11, and attack with 11. There aren't only three defenders, there are 11 defenders. If we have a three man defensive mentality, we're dead. All 11 players can't be on the same defensive line, we form in different lines. To my understanding, it's irrelevant whether we play three or four in the back. If you don't have an attitude then you don't know if it's three, doesn't matter if it's 18 players if those players don't have attitude.

WTF: We played four quarters and won 7-3. What do you feel needs improvement for the next game?

Chelis: Make the players understand that we need to give a maximum effort everyday and we can't take a step back. Chivas USA can only have a decorated step forward in this league if we're strong every minute of every day of every week.

WTF: Can you touch on Oswaldo Minda's contractual situation? Has his case been resolved?

Chelis: I can't talk about contracts because I'm not familiar with them. The player is here playing, he has a contract. All of the players you watched play have some form of agreement with Chivas USA. I'm happy with these 29 players. After last Saturday's game I wrote to the front office last Saturday asking if it were possible to stay with these players. That's it, I don't want anymore. My job now is to propel them. At the end, it was very stupid that I wasn't able to impregnate that attitude from the beginning [of the match], so the blame lies with me to start with.

If you missed it, here is video of all seven goals from the Goats in yesterday's match:

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