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Update: James Riley Traded to D.C. United

The right back is the latest to be shown the door this preseason.

Riley: One and done as a Goat.
Riley: One and done as a Goat.
Stephen Dunn

The clear out continues at Chivas USA Thursday, as just a day after trading Ben Zemanski to the Portland Timbers, the club has reportedly traded defender James Riley to D.C. United. Riley has changed his twitter profile to say that he plays for United, and tweeted about the change of scenery:

The terms of the deal have not been publicly announced, although Chivas' fans shouldn't expect to see a player coming back in return, since they seem to be reluctant to trade for actual current MLS players. So, there is a chance this could fall through before becoming official, although I think that is unlikely.

Update: Chivas USA has officially announced the trade, and in exchange for Riley, the club receives a 2015 second round Supplemental Draft pick. Yes, you read that right - the second round of the secondary draft in two years. And no allocation I can't quite understand why Chivas are trading away serviceable players when they aren't getting serviceable players in return in any of these trades (save the Nick LaBrocca-Eric Avila swap). At any rate, this club certainly isn't doing itself any favors in gaining assets in most of these deals, and this latest trade was unquestionably the most egregious example.

Riley's lone season with Chivas USA was full of ups and downs. He led outfield players in the number of games played in 2012, and started the season off very strongly. But as the rest of the squad struggled in the final third of the season, Riley slumped badly and seemed to run out of energy. As a result, it is safe to say the Goats saw the best and worst of the right back's game last year.

Still, the departure of Riley, and the as-yet-unannounced, but expected departure of Ante Jazic, leaves Chivas USA with one full-time defender returning from last year's squad: Bobby Burling. Yep, the most experienced defender on the squad only started his second stint with Chivas officially in mid-August 2012. All I can say is, I hope the new defenders are uncommonly good, or else Chivas is going to leak like a sieve again (or even worse) this year.

When we find out the details of the trade, we will update our report.

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