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2013 Preseason: Chivas USA 5, LA Blues 1

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The Goats end the preseason unbeaten, believe it or not.

Casillas (right) scored a brace today.
Casillas (right) scored a brace today.
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Chivas USA played their final (as far as we know) preseason match ahead of the 2013 season opener Saturday, and defeated the LA Blues 5-1. The Goats went down in the first half, but battled back and cruised to another win, giving them an unbeaten 2013 preseason, with a 6-0-2 record and a +17 goal difference.

The Blues opened the scoring in the 34th minute with a goal by George Davis. Chivas didn't get on the board until the second half, but once they did, they took the lead for good. Giovani Casillas, fresh off the official confirmation of his loan for the season, got a brace in the 47th and 51st minutes to give the Goats the 2-1 lead. Jose Manuel Rivera scored in the 53rd minute, and Eric Avila got in the mix with a goal in the 56th minute to give Chivas a 4-1 lead. Tristan Bowen finished the scoring in the 86th minute to cap off the game.

Starting the match for Chivas was: Dan Kennedy; Mario de Luna, Daniel Antunez, Walter Vilchez; Eric Avila, Marvin Iraheta, Edgar Mejia, Giovani Casillas, Laurent Courtois; Miller Bolaños, Julio Morales

Tim Melia, Bobby Burling, Jose Manuel Rivera, Josue Soto, Tristan Bowen, and Jose Correa entered the game at the start of the second half.

Carlos Alvarez came on at the hour mark, and Steve Purdy, Carlos Borja, and Marky Delgado subbed in at 65 minutes. Emilio Orozco was the final sub, in the 80th minute.

So many guys got minutes this preseason, and while the team didn't play a lot of MLS opposition, Chelís has certainly had opportunity to evaluate all of the guys still in camp. Although the coach has stressed conditioning this preseason, a potential nit-picking concern has to be that the club never used the regulation three subs in any of their preseason matches. Are the starters in good enough shape to last at a high level for 90 minutes? We will find out in just a week's time!

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